To seek discovery and a detailed understanding of biodiversity from the past to present.

Main projects (2017-2018)

The Natural History of Alfred Russel Wallace

I am currently working with Professor Rudolf Meier on virtual repatriation of natural history collection of Alfred Russel Wallace, mainly from Singapore.

Systematic studies of fireflies in the Luciolinae (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)

Building upon a long term work pioneered by Lesley Ballantyne and Christine Lambkin, this project is aimed to complete systematic studies of flashing fireflies in Indo-Pacific using integrative methods.

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Side projects (2017 – 2018)

These are independent projects, usually not funded, aimed to share our thoughts / findings about beetles of particular groups to a wider audience. Scientifically.

Chrysomelidae of Singapore

I am currently working with Dr. Michael F. Geiser (Natural History Museum London, United Kingdom) and Dr. Yuchen Ang (Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore) on developing a checklist of Chrysomelidae of Singapore. Update: We are almost done!

A plea for conservation of fireflies in mangroves

Fireflies in mangrove forests are ecotourism iconic species in most SE Asian countries. However, their habitats are fast disappearing primarily due to land use conversion. I am in the process of compiling facts and opinions from firefly experts in SE Asia to call for immediate action on conservation of fireflies. Update: Awaiting results

It’s time to revisit fireflies in Singapore

Beginning 2018, I am looking forward to revisiting firefly species checklist in Singapore by collaborating with local firefly enthusiasts. For a start, I have teamed up with Jo-Lynn Teh of The Entomologist Lounge to highlight fireflies in Singapore mangroves:

Of Fireflies and Mangroves: Singapore Story 

Who says fireflies don’t exist in Singapore? Check out this adorable infographic by Jo-Lynn.

Stay tuned for more updates.