forests and insects in the city

My friends and I conducted insects surveys in public parks or secondary forests in Kuala Lumpur in 2013-14.  Our findings have been published (z) here and (y) here.  Earlier today a long-time collaborator and I decided to revisit our “Bukit Tunku” site (z) because it is located near the proposed “Taman Tugu Forest Park” (x). KL sampling sitesour bukit tunku site from taman tugu.jpg“Our” secondary forest is still there, but we noted that next door (or across the road) at the Taman Tugu site fences or hoarding boards and work-in-progress notices have been set up.

We have mixed feelings about this project, but we would like to remain optimistic.  As Malaysians we feel that now is the time for such optimism.  I sure hope that more fireflies will return to our city!

p.s. we didn’t go to no. 11 Langgak Duta



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